Rugghill - International Commercial Agents - Brandis & Hagg OG, Vienna, Austria
Team - Philipp Brandis & Paul Hagg

About Us

Philipp BrandisPhilipp Brandis was born and raised in the heart of the Alps. Spending his first years in South Tyrol (Northern Italy) he then moved to Salzburg (Austria) for his school education. Next to high school he also took courses in metalworking until he received his certificate of apprenticeship. After his compulsive year in the Austrian Army he went back to school and graduated from the University of Vienna (Austria) with a degree in international business management and economics.

Since childhood Philipp had a fascination for nature and wildlife and this has taken him to many remote places like the Yukon, Iceland or Patagonia. Growing up with many hunters in the family he has shared this passion since youth and is always eager to meet new people from all over the world and share experiences.

With his educational background, his private and professional skills and interests he has found his mission in founding and running an own sales agency together with his associate Paul.


Paul HaggPaul Hagg was born in Vienna (Austria) though spent the first years of his life in Africa. After some years of kindergarten in his hometown Vienna, Paul moved to Rome (Italy) and later to Paris (France) where he went to school for the most part of his youth. Even if such a frequent change of scholar systems is quite challenging, this was compensated with a profound knowledge of foreign languages from an early age on.

After finishing high school in Vienna and the mandatory military service in the Austrian Army Paul decided to go to the worldwide known gun making school of Ferlach in the south of Austria. During a 4-year course Paul learned the traditional craft about handmade hunting guns and rifles.

Paul lived in large cities for most of his childhood and youth but the outdoors were always what attracted Paul’s interest the most.
The passion for hunting, fly-fishing and being driven by the general excitement for nature, wildlife and untouched parts of the globe are the perfect catalysts for the mission to run and grow Rugghill with his associate Philipp.