Rugghill - International Commercial Agents - Brandis & Hagg OG, Vienna, Austria
About Rugghill


Rugghill was founded in 2006 by Philipp Brandis and Paul Hagg. Based in Austria, the company is set up as an international sales agency focusing on representing US factories from the hunting, outdoor and archery trade in the European Union and other international markets.

Starting from scratch and unknown to the industry, Rugghill has worked its way up. With a strong entrepreneurial spirit, the trust and guidance of mentors and a lot of hard work, Paul and Philipp quickly became known to manufacturers and customers from all over the world.

Mission Statement

From the first moment on, when Paul and Philipp started with the idea of founding a sales agency, it was their passion and interest in quality equipment needed for activities such as hunting, archery and target sports that has been driving Rugghill's activities and efforts.

Combined with the pleasure of bringing people together who have these same interests, these are the main motivations that keep Rugghill on the look-out for opportunities that help manufacturers and customers to increase their business.

Due to its location in the centre of Europe, Rugghill has a strong respect and a fascination for diversity of cultures, customs, mentalities and languages. Never tired to learn about the needs and requirements of their customers, Rugghill is looking at the future with excitement, eager to face challenges ahead and determined to continue achieving growth for the products and brands of their manufacturers.